BeamLab Performance Tech Lab - various

Concept and brief
BeamLab launched an open source Performance Tech Lab (PTL) to support talent and concept development of young theatre makers. Five participants were selected by our partners Feikes Huis, Stichting LikeMinds and Dansmakers Amsterdam; a selection of choreographers, dancers, performers, theatre producers and designers.

Technical description
A seven day Open Lab at the studios of Dansmakers Amsterdam with flexible audiovisual set-ups inlcluding live-streaming, holographic projections and a multiple projector and camera set-up. Our core operation was d3 Technologies media server. BeamLab provided technical and creative support. 

How did BeamLab support?
During BeamLab PTL we facilitated in technical advice with a team of technical specialists, a creative director and flexible equipment set-ups. Two main research topics stood out during these sessions; What are the visual possibilities of holographic projections in a performance? How do you integrate live streaming with a (small-scale/puppetry) performance?Set-ups were built up by our team in collaboration with the participants. The set-ups were adjustable to the concept and needs of each participant. BeamLab shared the progress of the PTL workshop daily via our YouTube live-stream.

LikeMinds, Feikes Huis, Dansmakers Amsterdam