Waterloopbos Natuurmonumenten

Concept and brief
The Waterloopbos is an area in the Noordoostpolder, which served as an open-air laboratory of the former Dutch Hydraulic institute from 1951-1996. In this forest of the streams, engineers built over 200 scale models for the world famous Dutch water engineering constructions, using the flowing water to simulate realistic conditions. The models of the harbours of Rotterdam, Libya, Bangkok and many more can still be seen. The area is transforming into a forest growing an abundance of species adjusted to the various conditions of the testing-sites. As a tribute to the 100th year anniversary of the Zuiderzeewet, one of the scaled waterworks - the Deltagoot - has been transformed into a monument by design office RAAAF. BeamLab was assigned to design the audiovisual experience for this tribute.



Technical description
BeamLab has designed a scenic walking route through the forest in the dark of the night giving the scale models a one-of-a kind perspective by light and videoprojections.

How did BeamLab support?
LICHT Aan! combines an interactive walking route and a new embodiment of the original scale models of this technological testing site. In collaboration with Maaike Engels BeamLab created the storyline and concept LICHT Aan! Vital to this project was honouring the natural heritage and reviving this unique testing ground of the Dutch Hydraulic Institute. In this project Blauwe Uur created the content for the multiple videomappings.

Blauwe Uur, Natuurmonumenten Waterloopbos, RAAAF Architecten.