Symphonic Cinema Productions - Lucas van Woerkum

Concept and brief
In Symphonic Cinema Productions masterpieces of classical music are accompanied by a silent movie, based on the story of the music. The films, created by Dutch cineast Lucas van Woerkum, are projected during the live music performances.

Technical description
Synchronizations between moving image and life music is the essence of a Symphonic Cinema Production, therefore BeamLab developed a play out system by which van Woerkum can operate the film during the life performance of the orchestra.

How did BeamLab support?

Due to BeamLab’s bespoke software and custom interface van Woerkum can merge real time selected video material into the film during the performance. For instance, shots can be fast forwarded or delayed in line with the music. Even visual shots of the conductor - from the orchestra’s perspective – can be integrated into the movie, allowing moving image and music to synergise in an optimal way. Since 2010 BeamLab is involved in the technical pre-production and operation of this new type of audiovisual concert.

Since 2014 van Woerkum’s collaboration with BeamLab intensified with international productions in Beijing, Brussels and London. Current international productions of Symphonic Cinema are The Isle of the Dead (2011), Firebird (2014) en Daphnis & Chloé (2017). For these Symphonic Cinema Productions BeamLab developed tailor made software using a Catalyst Mediaserver.

Other Partners
Lucas van Woerkum premiered in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam with his the Symphonic Cinema Production Firebird.

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