MAMA - BeamLab

Concept and brief
MAMA stands for media asset management application. The application is designed and developed by MAMA is a dedicated system to create and present complete film catalogs and archives, for use in high volume and multipurpose video streaming services. It is used by film festivals, museums, archives. It was designed initially for use by film festivals in 2015, and has since expanded it’s functionality to suite use-cases applicable to museums, film archives, culture heritage and educational institutions. Since 2017 BeamLab has become the sole distributor of MAMA, and is responsible for all handling and deployment of the application to her customers.

Technical description
MAMA is used to run a Video On Demand platform, video library, various kiosk applications, and interactive video display systems. It has complete editing capabilities to create and publish entire film catalogues and programmes from scratch. It incorporates a multi user-level environment, to cater for the various types of roles associated with content management, editorial and customer account management. Has powerful video encoding built in, for seamless ingestion of video content, to ensure optimised HD, high quality delivery across all platforms and devices. For more details check out or contact

How did BeamLab support?
As distributor and seller of MAMA BeamLab closely collaborates with is specialised in creating advanced interactive audio and video delivery and display systems. For the high quality distribution, presentation and automation of display systems used at industry trade shows, in retail stores, theatres, museums, exhibitions, film festivals, and in the film and media industry. and BeamLab
Launching customers: IFFR, Cinekid